Saturday, July 31, 2010

Muffintop ^^

Can a muffin be more girly than this one with pink, lilac and white sugar hearts and pink glittery sugar? They were tasty as well!

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Burda Style 08/2010

Another month is nearing and therefore I will review the next Burda issue! Is everyone anxious to read my opinion? (Sometimes I just ask myself if anybody is out there...)

Lets get started: Although it is still pretty warm, Burda is already starting to get us into autumn fashion. Which - by the way- is my favourite season. I like comfy sweaters like the one that won this month's silver medal, but as my knitting skills are still somehow lacking, I will sadly not get one of these. I also think about the bronze winner, a fitted leather jacket. I really like it and might reproduce it in another fabric as I have one (p)leather jacket which I love. But it doesn't "wow" me enough to buy the magazine. And my absolute favourite is this pretty dress with crinkels that cover the beer or fries belly. Unfortunately, it is in the Plusmode, and would require a lot of fitting. I think I can wing this witout Burda, sorry!

So what about the bad and ugly? Here we go:

Honestly, who needs a pattern for a poncho? Its a rectangle! I'm not even getting into who would wear it (not me), but a pattern for this is just useless... And I know that both other looser patterns are technically the same pattern. Just one without sleeves. But taking the sleeves of an oversized blazer doesn't make it more couture, it's just letting you look more frumpy!

The next ensemble lets me regret not eating enough to be plus sized. I think it is really flattering and the combination is buiness enough for the office, but unusual enough to be sewn. Maybe I will try to recrate the look, but all the changes I would need to do to fit these to me... *sigh*
In the end it is another Burda which I will not buy. Why oh why are the pretty patterns for plus sized gals? Or should I eat more to fit the patterns? ;)

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Family tree and Ikea home improvement

I finished the family picture gallery with all frames in the colours of my cherry blossoms on the opposite wall. The picture in the low left corner is a silhouette an artist did ont he streets of Münster. It shows my boyfriend and it looks really pretty much like him! The two light blue pictures are the father and mother of my mum. I won't show any close ups because I think we should repect my families privacy!

As we were at Ikea on saturday, we of course brought something home:

A huge mirror we put up on our beautiful purple wall in the living room. It lets the room seem huge, even after I painted it black to match the furniture. We put up some candles in the frame and maybe I will one day add a picture of BF and me, but for now I'm finished decorating!

Zalando shall bring my boyfriend to tears!

As they promised in their adds, offers shoes, delivered to your home for free. Sounds promising, yet I have not ordered there until now. But Neisella posted about their raffle where the main prize is -ladies hold your breath- one year of shoes! You can order one pair of shoes every month, for a total of 3000€! And second to fifth prize is one pair of shoes for 200 €, which is also not bad...

While I won't annoy you by posting all shoes I would buy (seriously, I would need to think about that. Oh, the possibilities!), but some eyecatchers should be involved here, don't you think?! ;)

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Going to the movies

On friday I visited an open air cinema in the Landschaftspark Nord in Duisburg. It was wonderful, not only did they set up a huge screen, but the illuminated the old steel work and prepared a lovly little beach with huts and cocktails!

We brought our own food, as we knew that it might take some time until they really start the movie (as they have to wait until it is dark enough) and we didn't want to rely on what they would sell there. So we prepared ruccola with tomatos, roasted pine nuts and goat cheese. To fill us we added some carbs in form of a roasted bread with garlic butter. It was yummi and we got to stuff ourself before seeing clash of the titans.

Afterwards we wandered through the illuminated and colourful old plant and tried to capture the magic. I still need to work out how my new cam works... These were the best pictures...

Monday, July 26, 2010

New camera!

I bought myself a new to me camera in red metallics. Doesn't it look wonderful? I still have to figure out how to work it, but the pics so far seem very good! It is so small and light weight, I might even take it everywhere and take pictures of my whole life...

And in addition to the new cam I bought a gorrila pod:

What it is? A handy device which not only works as a tripod, but which is able to wrap around branches or handles, so you can do selfprotraits whereever you are!

Sunday, July 25, 2010

(Last?) Loveparade Duisburg 2010

Yesterday, my BF and I wanted to visit the Loveparade which was held in Duisburg this year. So we combined wathcing a movie (more on that later) with a stay at his parent's place to get there on time. I wasn't finished until short before 2 p.m. when the parade would officially be opened, so we decided to see the opening ceremony on TV and the walk the kilometer to the place (alter Güterbahnhof) with the stages and floats.

On the way to the parade we met a bunch of people walking in all direction because nobody put up signs where to go. We asked why they were walking all over the place and heard that the police already shut down the entrance of the area. We decided to wait a bit in line, but in this 30 minutes of waiting, a distressed police officer was screaming at some passerbys, the anoyed crowd started to pull down fences and the atmosphere was loaded. So when nothing moved after 30 minutes, we decided to leave and head to Ikea. and then back home.

Which was rather a god choice because after we left Ikea to drive home we heard the horrible news about 10 dead and 80 injured people after panik at the entrance of the area which was settled in a tunnel. After I heard that the area was fit for 500,000 people while the last loveparade in Dortmund had 1,5 million visitors, I was already expecting chaos. But that the overwhelmed police and the angry crowd would actually kill someone was not what I expected. Therfore I will show none of the pictures I took, because this techno party died for me.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Finished mural

I hope everyone still has my NBC mural in front of his inner eye? I did add the bats and the tree, so take a look at the result:

We also added a mirror from Ikea to the wall, so I don't have a chance to say "But I didn't know those colours clash!" any longer. The printer is from my colleague who moved back to brasil on sunday. I miss her, but the printer has been named after her to keep the memory fresh!

Friday, July 23, 2010

family tree

Currently I'm working on stuff that I can do at night, when I don't want to infuriate all neighbours by sewing. The projects have to be quiet and easy without requiring too much light... So what did I come up with? Painting! ;)

I have been planning to make a family and friends picture tree (I'm not sure about the actual tree, maybe I will skip drawing it in the background) for a long time and now seems to be the right time to start it. I already sorted through the pictures and chose a place to hang them.

Stay tuned to see the results later this week...

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Why can't I ever finish something?

At least before I start another project? I hope you remember that I got this beautiful brand non-stretchy fabric from Mademoiselle Chaos at the last Kreativflohmarkt. I was only 60 cm, so I had some troubles choosing a pattern to work with. Finally I decided to try McCall's M5661, but without the facings due to lack of fabric. I will work with bias tape, but in the hidden version. I did view B without the sash.

I still need to do the seams from collar and bottom, but I think I might lower the neck a little. What do you think?

The special thing about this pattern is the button closure in the back. Feels very 50s to me. In accord to the expensive fabric I would like to use real mother of pearl buttons for this. You might remember that I have plentyof those...

Until now, the back is held together with needles. I will show pictures with me inside once the top is finished.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Pretty in pink

I'm working on it, but as the rest is hand basting, it might take 'till the end of the week to finish this shirt. I want to wear it to work nex week, so there is a deadline...

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

The good ones go into the pot, the bad ones go into your crop.

I used the last weekend to sort through my sewing notions. I have a whole drawer filled with sewing stuff which was horribly messy. After spending 30 minutes searching for something, I decided it might be a good idea to sort the stuff. So I went and bought two boxes:

And sorted buttons in the first box:

So many pretty buttons! I totally forgot how many mother of pearl buttons I owned. The ones in the middle I love most; the fly buttons I got earlier this year and the metal flowers were given to me by Neisella when she visited me the first time!

The second box contains mainly metal. Hey, gothic sewing, you know?! Buckles and eyelets, D-rings and carabiners. Even some patent fasteners in purple and black can be found.

I'm really happy that I did the sorting, I forgot most of the treasures in my stash. Now they will probably be used more often!

Monday, July 19, 2010

Black thumb? No way!

My "garden" is still growing and it makes me really happy to see all the green and get sweet strawberries right from my window sill...

But also the herbs are growing. This is my basil after cutting two thirds and prepaering pesto. I guess the next pestosession is not to far in the future...

This is salad which we grow in small quantities for the gerbils. They love it, but the harvest is to small to fill the plate of two grown up humans...

The rosemarry is also growing and will bring future roasted potatoes and meat from the oven.

This peppermint is a sibling of wollmaus's mint on her balcony. It looks a little troubled because of the mochitos we had yesterday!

Our last buy was this Aloe vera, which will be helpful in case of sunburn or mosquito bites.

This orchid was bought in Ikea. Itis the only plant in our living room without direct use except that it's pretty

And we found plants that grow in our north facing windows, so we finally have some green in the kitchen...

And these beauties are growing in my room. I know the orchid which was a gift from BF's mum, but I'm still not sure what the other two are. They were given to me from my dad's girlfriend because they were suffering from her sunny balcony and the huge amount of care she gives them. They seems happier now in the dark and almost forgotten! ;)

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Walking down the highway

Living in the cultural capital of europe 2010 has some advantages and many oddities. Today they closed down one ofthe main highways here in the Ruhrgebiet for biking and walking. But the "Ruhrschleichweg" (translating, I would call it Ruhr slow way, a reference to the original name Ruhrschnellweg = Ruhr fast way, which is almost always clogged) did its name some honor and the bikes were also in traffic jam.

On the other direction they set up tables and one could buy seats or win whole tables by applying with something cultural. I didn't participate and I was more than happy about this. It was crowded!

By the way, I really love the installation of these greenish barcodes on the side of the highway, which shows cryptic names or happenings. And it makes the highway much less boring!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Mighty pink

I started another project while waiting for pictures of the finished hawaii dress (Yes, it is fnished... Even the hand bastet lining, ugh!). I got this silk from the lovely wollmaus and orignially planned to make a blouse out of it. But as the amount of fabric was really restricted, this was what it evolved in:

The pattern is 6868 from simplicity, but again due to the small amount of fabric I had to tweek the collar a little. No selfmade bias tape but a fitted neckband instead... They ask for biastape binding with bought tape for the arms, but I'm not really excited about the way it looks... Any recommendations?

And for colour's sake I have to add a picture without flash. It might be wonky, but at least you can see the real colour of the precious silk:

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

2nd haul... hey, what can I say

Although I'm not finished sewing up the fabrics from my first haul at the Kreativflohmarkt, how could I resist these beauties screeming my name and begging to come home with me? I even bought a finished lace skirt which totally reminded me of the 80s...

The fabrics I bought or rather exchanged against patterns were a dark green silk velvet (a very small piece for a special project), dark grey pinstripe, a black fashion fabric from Hugo Boss who unfrtunately wasn't there ;) and a scrap of wool tartan.

And this time could not resist these buttons from Charly any longer:

Not only are they amazingly beauiful, but they match some of my roleplaying dice! Of course I have to make something in this direction with them...