Wednesday, June 16, 2010

to make matters more clear

As my boyfriend is the epitome of good photography, I think I'll add another two pictures to make the dress more clear to you:

Backside on my sewing mate

lining (black, slippery polysomething)

And while I was taking pics; I already finished one of the fabrics from the haul at the Kreativstoffmarkt! I planned to make a tablecloth from the comic fabric I got from Charly <3 for our beaten up living room table. Unfortunately the table is really cluttered with a puzzle right now, so our dining table will do the modelling for you:

This project took about 30 minutes, I just folded the seams and sewed without pressing... Bad girl, I know...

1 comment:

charly said...

Sieht echt klasse aus als Tischdecke :)