Friday, June 25, 2010

Pillow fight!

Another project from the Kreativflohmarkt fabrics is finished! 2 out of 6 (well 5 projects), pretty good for me, actually! ;)

I sewed some covers for the pillowsmy boyfriend has in his bed in case we want to watch a movie on his PC. They are old seatt cushions from one of my former WG rooms and are bright blue and yellow. They clash perfectly with his oxblood contrast colour wall, so the covers were needed. I got the fabric from Charly, it is real bedding fabric and can therefore be washed to be really clean!

Here is the front:

I didn't have enough fabric for the backs, so I used a scrap of black stretch jeans I had laying around (woot for me using stash fabric and not buying new!)

And because I'm lazy, I did flap closures... No sewing in zippers if not neccessary, thank you very much!

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