Monday, June 7, 2010

Kreativflohmarkt at the Unperfekthaus

I spent most of yesterday selling stuff at a flea market in the Unperfekthaus in Essen which was organized by my favourite forum of all times - NatronundSoda! The catch was that we were only allowed to sell stuff for being creative, so most of our tables were covered with fabrics or sewing notions... Selling were:

Charly (who started the idea and organized everything - thanks so much!)

Nyoba who joined in later and brought even more fun

and me of course!

I hope next time (first sunday in july hinthint) there will be more people joining in and selling stuff. The more, the merrier! Here is how the flea market looked:

It was fun to be visited by so many kind people and even meeting some fellow NatronundSoda members there (greets to Birgitlisa).
Unfortunately, we were seated right next to a ukulele meeting in the highest floor of the building. After 4 hours of almost uninterrupted ukulele playing (in between we had an asian piano player) I was so happy to come to my quiet home... And while we were all selling stuff I guess we were our own best customers. I brught home almost as much fabric as I sold! Nevertheless it was fun and I hope to be there again next time!


Neise||a said...

Zeigst du mir die neuen Schätze? *lieb guck*

Ich wäre auch so gerne da gewesen *schmoll*
Nächste Mal! (aber ich kann mich nicht von meinen Stoffen trennen oO Kauf ich halt nur xD)

Ich hab heute meinen albernen Tag ;-)

Mademoiselle Chaos said...

Nächstes Mal bin cih dann hoffentlich gesund und auch dabei :D

MindLess said...

Ich hoffe ich bin auch wieder da... Die Ukulele-Spieler haben mich wortwörtlich krank gemacht. Ich muss bis Freitag das Bett hüten - leider hab ich zu viel Kopfweh um zu nähen! *head>desk*