Friday, June 4, 2010

Burda style 6/2010

Wow, did I really miss to look into the last 3 magazines? Well probably I checked them while waiting for my trains but I didn't review them here, obviously...

This time I'm totally in love with the dresses. Just check out these pretties:

Bronze goes to the white dress from the Ibiza collection. It is rather on the short side and I think I saw this pattern not that long ago. As a top in february or march?! I don't know but although I like the pattern, it is far to easy to lenghten a hem so I don't think Burda was that innovative here. The silver medal goes to the tan maternity dress on the right. It would have won gold if I would ever intend to become pregnant *sigh*. And the dress with colour I least like wins gold this time. Seriously there are very few colours that make me look worse than yellow, but the flow, the draping and the fabric's texture are just droolworthy!

And the loosers of this magazine are: the dress which even makes the model look frumpy, the other dress that reminds me of a gay batman (colour alone would be okay, but those fluttery wings?) and the "I did it myself"-skirt. This skirt looks like a tablecloth sewn together at one side with a drawstring. These patterns (and the do-it-yourself-fashion-tipps at the start of the magazine) are the reason why most people don't take hobby sewers seriously.

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