Wednesday, June 30, 2010

What's for dinner?

Today it is hot as hell here (please remember that we live on the highest floor...), so dinner had to be cool. So I grabbed all fruits lying around and prepared a monster milkshake:

Does look disgusting, you say? The dark parts are fresh vanilla! Oh so yummi and refreshing!

I added:
2 Bananas
2 cups of frozen strawberries
4 EL Maracuja Syrup
3 El Zucker
1/2 TL Vanilla
1 cup of orange juice
1 liter milk

I had to add the milk later because my mixer is to small... But it's an 60s original and I love it anyway! It even has a sign saying "save for atomic power usage" underneath!

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Work it baby, work it

Only two more steps to do: Hemming and strap adjustment. I even included the zip already. I didn't have a white one, so one of my old pillowcases had to die.

Monday, June 28, 2010

Let's talk about sex, baby

After weeks of constantly cutting back the asexual reproduction shoots of the strawberries, they finally decided to do some sexual reproduction again (dirty, hu?). So I was playing bee again and some new strawberries are riping in our living room... I'm so looking forward to eating them! ;)

Sunday, June 27, 2010


I told you that this week would be heavily loaded with activities and this weekend would be eaten up by a conference. Still I wanted to party with my fellow seamstresses, so while I looked like this during daytime:

My night was full of darkness (pun intended ^^).

I slept shortly and learned so much I thought my head was going to explode! There were so many nice and interesting people, the catering was great and the venue was the former conference room of the Bundestag in Bonn!

Unfortunately I was not able to participate in the boat cruise because I would have come home after 3am due to public transportation, but at least I took some pictures of the Rhine. And I will do this boat cruise on my own, some other time. I really liked Bonn, it was small and pretty not as crowded or dirty as I expected...

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Aloha he!

I'm also making progress on the hawaiian dress frontier. I connected the two back parts, and got started at the front.

I will use the piping for the bust only because I think that many horizontal lines will make me look even more stumpy than I am. My upper body is rather short, boyfriend and I wear the same jeans size and he is 12cm longer than me!

Although the piping takes a lot of hand basting, it looks really good!

I also found thread in my stash which matches the dark pink flowers in the fabric. Should I put in some contrast stitching next to the piping or should I leave it as is? What do you think?

Friday, June 25, 2010

Pillow fight!

Another project from the Kreativflohmarkt fabrics is finished! 2 out of 6 (well 5 projects), pretty good for me, actually! ;)

I sewed some covers for the pillowsmy boyfriend has in his bed in case we want to watch a movie on his PC. They are old seatt cushions from one of my former WG rooms and are bright blue and yellow. They clash perfectly with his oxblood contrast colour wall, so the covers were needed. I got the fabric from Charly, it is real bedding fabric and can therefore be washed to be really clean!

Here is the front:

I didn't have enough fabric for the backs, so I used a scrap of black stretch jeans I had laying around (woot for me using stash fabric and not buying new!)

And because I'm lazy, I did flap closures... No sewing in zippers if not neccessary, thank you very much!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Finished it!

This seems to be a hell of a week! Not only the lingering proposal, I totally forgot about a conference this weekend, my favourite co-worker is moving back to brazil and tomorrow there will be another seamstress party... Uff!

But I was a good girl and somehow sewed at least a little bit during this week... I finished the shirt thanks to my boyfriend who brought a new twin needle fr me. I'm not quite sure if I will wear this in public, the seams are awful. Some of them are ripped 4 times and still the seams are wonky... It's not really visible in the pics, so please don't try to encourage me to wear it! ;)

Oh yeah, the bow still has to be attached! *Oopsie*

Tuesday, June 22, 2010


Well, today started out fine, I went to sew and got working on a top from another Kreativflohmarkt fabric (from Nyoba this time). I closed the sleeves, sewed them on the body and tried to set in the neck band when my only stretch twin needle broke! The only other twin needle is for jeans and has a different stitching width. So there went my sewing plans...

But it got started on another project and cut a dress from the hawaiian flower cotton I had laying around for 4 years. Finally the fabric will be used! And I will try to include some piping, we will see how it works...

Monday, June 21, 2010

Dorothy Dot

Yesterday evening I finished another project (hey, on wednesday a huge project has to be handed in so I'm procrastinating like crazy!), a polkadot skirt. Rather boring pattern - the skirt from New Look 6813- but I added a different closure and I liked the sash...

full view - including the sash

detail shot of the sash, it is just bound so it can be taken of in no time!

Button closure and visible zip

I got the fabric from my favourite sewing forum, the buttons were from Charly's Kreativflohmarkt table. Let's see how many projects I finish before the dreaded deadline! ;)

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Special talents

Last week my mum called and asked me, if I still remeber how to lay laminate. Much to my surprise she remembered that I told her years ago how I helped a friend and now my abilities would come in her favor. So my BF and I spent the weekend laying laminate in the attic of my mum's house. My hands still hurt while typing:

Before (the room has about 30m²)

what we used:

And the glorius after:

It really improved the room, but I'm so happy that we hayereal hardwood floors in our flat and there is no need to prettify our floors...

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Not another bloody pagoda!

You wanna know why I call this dress the burma dress? When I was in south east asia a while ago, I also visited Burma. As you may know or not, there is a dictatorship ruling there which limits contact of inhabitants with visitors, forces you to stay in special restaurated places and tries to limit tourists to guided tours only. These guided tours were really pretty, the landscape and the sightseeing were great. But in the three days I spent in Burma I saw what felt like 10,000 pagodas! They were all nice and the information about the arcitechtural styles was plenty, but on the third day one of my travel mates coined the term "Not another bloody pagoda!" when we headed for sightseeing. Long stry short; when I saw the fabric with all those pagodas on it, I was instantly reminded on this trip, although the pagodas a obviously more japanese inspired.

Why am I telling you all this now? Because I took the remains of the fabric from the dress and made a simple skirt after a NatronundSoda pattern, the foxglove skirt. It combines a nonstretchy with a strechy fabric and is very comfortable...

front shot
In all it's glory
Detail shot
I added two eyelets to hold a drawstring waist because I don't trust the stretchyness of the jersey

Friday, June 18, 2010

UFO taking off

Those of you who have already visited me will know about one of my long term unfinished objects (UFO): a pink dress with pinstripes. It was almost finished for about a year (oops), just needed seeming of arms and skirt, buttonholes and buttons. Well I can proudly say "I finished it!" now!

front view
my darts end in boxpleats which I attached with a little latch, the buttons a mother of pearl in dark grey.

Side view
the darts for the back just end up normallly on my hips. I fill the dress better than my dummy, but I couldn't take pics of myself, they were all wonky

Detail shot

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Burda Style 07/2010

This time I'm a little faster around, so I can talk about the new Burda issue before it is released... And what can I tell you; I'm blown away! This is the first Burda since -ehm, a year?- that I will buy! Marvel at these beauties:
The third best was hard to choose, there were so many great options, but at last my choice fell on these flat front trousers. Usually I don't like a side zip, but in this case the front has some details that overplay the lacking parting. I liked the skirt with the ruffles at the seam second best, because it's a good mixture between serious top and girly fluff at the bottom. And because I just cozldn't decide which one I like best, we have two winners this month! I love the pattern of the top, it is really something I haven't seen as a pattern until now. And the dress is just flowy and I love the neckline that frames both face and decolleté... *sigh*
But of course there is also a dark side. Usually I really love the plusmode, but this time most of the patterns were bags wtih no fit at all. So this unbelievable frumpy dress goes thrid last. Just because you have meat on your hips doesn't mean you can't show what you got! The second worst is the blouse with the ruffles on the shoulders. I'm not a fan of the shoulder emphasis going on htis season, but this really takes it over the top. I will never sew something that I can't wear under jackets!
An the looser of this issue is the fold over harem pants. Why? Oh my god, why?

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

to make matters more clear

As my boyfriend is the epitome of good photography, I think I'll add another two pictures to make the dress more clear to you:

Backside on my sewing mate

lining (black, slippery polysomething)

And while I was taking pics; I already finished one of the fabrics from the haul at the Kreativstoffmarkt! I planned to make a tablecloth from the comic fabric I got from Charly <3 for our beaten up living room table. Unfortunately the table is really cluttered with a puzzle right now, so our dining table will do the modelling for you:

This project took about 30 minutes, I just folded the seams and sewed without pressing... Bad girl, I know...

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Second project revealed!

Do you still remember this post with the secret-y hints on two projects? And how I already finished one of them? Here is the second one!

I turned this beautiful pagoda fabric into a dress after New Look's 6776, a dress with a flaring skirt and a zip in the back. Wanna see?

Please don't look at my heated face, I was sick the whole last week and am still recovering...

In this sideview you can see that it is only fitted below the bust and flares from there...

I tried to be as matchy as I could but the amount of fabric was limited. As the pattern on the fabric is rather large and I would do some tweaks for the next dress with this pattern, I count it as a wearable musselin and will wear it anyway!

Monday, June 14, 2010

Natron und Soda taking over my weekends!

Since I already spent last weekend with my sewing ladies I thought I give them another try yesterday. We went to an irish pub where we drank (not much alcohol), ate and came up with crazy ideas. We will have a bad taste secret santa - omit the santa part, because we're not that patient- for sewers. So, every one gets some awful fabric/notions from his stash and everyone chooses one of the packages. But not to take home and hide! You have to sew something from it and wear it at a party! Sounds great, doesn't it? ;)

BTW: Thanks to Meara, Nyoba and Mrs Lovett for a wonderful evening!

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Luck be my lady tonight!

To win one of the fabulous creations of Khaos kouture, you need to choose something for 10€ or less from her shop and blog about it until sunday 20th of july. I fell in love with these cameo earrings and hope that I will be the lucky winner next week! Theyare very pretty and my wardrobe is lacking longer earings. I didn't get to wear them often because a) my boyfriend is clumsy and almost split my lobe in half once and b) while working in the lab, dangly things distract me from properly pipetting. But since I work mainly at a desk now, I can start wearing them at work!

Oh and by the way, even if you don't win, you get a 15% rebate on stuff in her store!

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Adding some sunshine

I finished some curtains for our kitchen. The window is facing north, that's why I had to move all herbs to the living room. But on a do-it-yourself-store expedition I bought some plants which don't need much sun or water... To add a little light to the darkish room, the curtains are bright yellow and see through. The curtain rod was installed by my boyfriend's pure man power, thanks honey!

(See through, but dark pic)

(colouraccurate, but too much light in this pic)

Friday, June 11, 2010

Anatomy of a sewing machine

While I was looking through my google reader I found the anatomy of a sewing machine on Gertie's new blog for better sewing, who by the way has the most amazing project in her blog: She wants to sew every pattern from a vintage sewing book, which just describes how to sew but doesn't include the patterns themselves! So you can read about her pattern hunt, about the fitting issues of old patterns without restricting undergarments and her love of everything vintage. Now go on and check her blog! ;)

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Planning my holidays

Currently I'm planning my holidays in ireland for this year. I have already been there once before, but this time my boyfriend will accompany me! The book in the lower right corner was my travel journal from last time. We will travel a like route with some changes...

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

My BF's christmas present

No, this isn't one of these "I might be late, but here is your christmas present in - ehm - june!" posts. He recieved his present on christmas eve, but I totally forgot the I took pics of the process how I painted it! On sunday, Charly reminded me of these pics (and a WIP of a dress which unfortunately never fit), so I blog about this now!

This is what I started with:

  1. canvas
  2. old newspapers (to cover the painting area)
  3. a pencil
  4. some strange air dry 3D medium
  5. and colours of course!

I started with a circle for which I used a plate (yeah, getting creative there ^^) and the pencil:

Than I filled the outer area with black colour, and the inner circle give or take a centimeter, with ivory colour:

I filled the circle with the 3D medium for a moon like structure without real holes

and painted the inner part red:

Then I added some gold powder I had around, and some swishes of black to the red and of red to the black (colour composure and stuff ;) ) and viola, the finished product:

The first pciture shows the structure better, the second one is more colour accurate. *Disclaimer: The wall in my boyfriend's room is not pink. It's dark red - like blood*

If you want to know why I painted him this picture:
Long time ago we both admitted that we are into interiour decoration. So we spent some of the weekends (remember - long distance relationship) in shops for furniture. One day on the way back from paying something study related we found a very expensive furniture store - the one who lights up the A1 near Münster north in blue light. As we went inside my BF fell in love with a picture - but the price was steep for our low income (160 € if I rember correctly - for a print!). We didn't buy it and when I lateron tried to get it as a present, it was sold out. So, I made one myself for him!