Sunday, May 16, 2010

Natron und Soda CT - for real!

Today I went to a community meeting of my favourite sewing forum (actually on of the few forums I continously read and post), the Natron und Soda Forum. It's always fun to meet the girls and talk about new projects and I found some real friends through this forum as well as leading other people to participate in it. I even prepared some muffins with a never repeatable chocolate addition:

While there were the usual gothic sewing people around (hiding from the deathly day star, as you can imagine),

many others were being creative and knitting

or even spinning in the true sence of the word!

Today we had some "famous" guests: Natron and RedRed were around and somehow caused this meeting to be earlier than expected.

While Natron was nice as usual, RedRed really lives up to his web personality...

This is what I wore to the meeting with at least half of the funders of Natron und Soda:

Shirt: H&M, cardigan: Primark, Jeggins: Accessourize!

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redred said...

Yehaaa ... I'm really evil :D