Friday, May 14, 2010

Monsterville, inhabitants 2

We finished the new accomodation for the gerbils! They have alreadey moved:

On the left they have their running wheel and (hidden under their litter) a small house they are sleeping in. On the right they have a smaller second floor with a sandbath and their water and vegetable supply.

I made a little scheme of the cage because it is really hard to take pictures through the glass!

The two cuties are named killer (the black one) and Spike (in silver grey). Why those names? All my family tried to help us name them, but all those names were so clishé like Dshingis and Khan (not very original for mongolian gerbils) or twin names... So we decided that if we take something clishè we would go for a little surprise and choose names typical for dangerous dogs...

We actually plan to make a sign for the door saying "Watch out for Killer and Spike" ;)


Anonymous said...

just curious how big that cage is i kinda want one for my gerbils

MindLess said...

The cage is 60cm wide, 60cm high and 100cm long. If you only keep two animals, you can make the cage as large as you want, but never go below 60cm wide, 40cm high and 80cm long! ^^