Monday, May 3, 2010

How I spent my saturday

On friday I returned from a conference near munich were I learned equally much about obesity and politics, so I had to relax on saturday. I spent my morning on the Stoffmarkt in Oberhausen, fighting a crowd for not so cheap fabrics... Honestly, it was rather expensive compared to the last time I visited one of these markets- but I have to admit that the one I visited was 1 year ago and in the netherlands. But this time there were no fabrics for less than 2 € and the notions were also more expensive than last time... Bummer! Therefore I only grabbed 2 fabrics:

Both are jerseys and I got 1,5m each (10 €). These will probably become tops from the gazillion of patterns I ordered from the states... Then I bought some stuff for future projects which came into my mind after visiting some shops in munich. But more on that in a later post...

After this rather dissapointing shopping trip, we spontanuously visited my mum who had my aunt over to celebrate her birthday. We had a barbecue, cake and played board games all night long...

By the way, this game is called "Schatz der Nibelungen" and was published in 1992. Oldschool, but fun!

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