Sunday, April 25, 2010

Strawberries, cherries and an angel's kiss in spring...

Well, since I moved to Essen there is one thing I really miss - a balcony! In Münster I grew all kinds of herbs and even some vegetables which tasted awesome freshly harvested and still warm from the sun. Unfortunetly this flat has no option to go outside and grow stuff... But I thought "Well, at least I will try and if I fail miserably, I will learn smething from it" and bought some small strawberry plants and planted them on my windowsill.

My mum told me I was crazy. As a biologist I remembered that strawberries can't pollinate themselves, so my boyfriend and I had a new occupation as bees... And only some days later:

Yes, some of the strawberries are planted in old cups. Looks cute and was cheaper than buying new pots for an
experiment everyone told me would fail! ^^

I ate the first ripe one today and they are delicious! Kudos for the strawberries who also didn't beieve that they can't grow indoors.

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