Monday, April 26, 2010

More home improvement

Since I started prettifying our flat, I was hard to stop today... I took pictures of the decals I had for my fridge. I won them at young house love, a blog I really love to read although our perceptions of bright are really different. Thanks again, John and Sherry (and Burger)!

As I won the decal for the american size two door fridge (completely unneccesary for a couple without kids in my opinion), there were enough leftovers for the dish washer:

Our kitchen has a serious nature feeling going on... Flowers, grass, herbs - but there will still be the occassional frozen pizza, no worries!

Next thing to do was hanging some flowery lights I bought in Ikea ages ago. You know how you never leave Ikea with only the things on your list? This was one of my additional things. But I don't regret this buy:

And the last thing I accomplished was sewing the throw for my couch. Which was almost finished for 3 month now! This picture is not colour accurate, my cam always changes violetts to be more on the blue side...


Cardigan: Primark, shirt and jeans: Dorothy Perkins, socks: H&M, flats: thrifted "sweet day"

Thanks to wearing my shoes without any socks and band aids, I've got some beautiful blisters which prevent me from wearing most of my shoes. Even these ones hurt a little but they are bearable.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

What's this? -NBC

I'm still improoving my flat as there is so much stuff which I already wanted to to but which stays undone although my move was 2 1/2 months ago... I planned a nightmare before christmas mural for the hall and now I started:

1. Painting stripes because there is no Tim Burton movie without them:

2. Sketching the scenery

3. Filling the lines

4. Stopping because the paint is used up and I need to buy more... Yeah I know, I suck! The characters still need to be made and I want to add a moon. But I will update as soon as I get my hands on decent black glossy acrylic colour!


Cardigan: H&M, shirt: Dorothy Perkins, jeggins: C&A, shoes: Deichmann

Today I was only relaxing, moving from my bed to the couch and back...

Strawberries, cherries and an angel's kiss in spring...

Well, since I moved to Essen there is one thing I really miss - a balcony! In Münster I grew all kinds of herbs and even some vegetables which tasted awesome freshly harvested and still warm from the sun. Unfortunetly this flat has no option to go outside and grow stuff... But I thought "Well, at least I will try and if I fail miserably, I will learn smething from it" and bought some small strawberry plants and planted them on my windowsill.

My mum told me I was crazy. As a biologist I remembered that strawberries can't pollinate themselves, so my boyfriend and I had a new occupation as bees... And only some days later:

Yes, some of the strawberries are planted in old cups. Looks cute and was cheaper than buying new pots for an
experiment everyone told me would fail! ^^

I ate the first ripe one today and they are delicious! Kudos for the strawberries who also didn't beieve that they can't grow indoors.