Sunday, March 21, 2010


Blouse: Primark, dress: H&M, boots: thrifted

Today I went to the genomics day in cologne where Sidney Brenner was invited to give a talk in honour of the new biology building the university built. He was very inspirational (Oh my god, that guy discovered the mRNA, helped writing the publication of Watson&Crick about the structure of DNA and introduced C. elegans into the world of science!!! Wah!) and reminded me of Dr Ignazio G Bravo in his way of thinking. I have to ask Nacho if he knows Sidney, otherwise they have to get in contact...

Although the food was very good at the opening, my personal highlight was that Sidney Brenner pushed me aside to get a free notepad and biro. Nobel prize winners are people like you and me! ^^

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Neise||a said...

Dein Outfit ist toll! =) Erinnert mich daran dass ich mir auch unbedingt mehr Kleider fürs Büro zulegen sollte! *notier*