Sunday, March 21, 2010

Home improvement part 1

Yesterday I ruined my nails by painting! See:

I finished my wall by painting the cherry blossoms on the teal wall colour! I started with a paintbrush and soon found it boring and time consuming, so I cut a sponge into a roundish shape and continued with that. I totally dig the look as it feels calm with an asian hint without being overly clishé...

I also got some sewing done because BFs family came over to see our finished flat for the first time! I sewed the curtains for the living room in black and white:

365 - what did I do all night?

No full body pics as I was in slumpy homewear, but my beautiful new nailpolish which I already ruined half an hour after applying. Why? See the result tomorrow!


Blouse: Primark, dress: H&M, boots: thrifted

Today I went to the genomics day in cologne where Sidney Brenner was invited to give a talk in honour of the new biology building the university built. He was very inspirational (Oh my god, that guy discovered the mRNA, helped writing the publication of Watson&Crick about the structure of DNA and introduced C. elegans into the world of science!!! Wah!) and reminded me of Dr Ignazio G Bravo in his way of thinking. I have to ask Nacho if he knows Sidney, otherwise they have to get in contact...

Although the food was very good at the opening, my personal highlight was that Sidney Brenner pushed me aside to get a free notepad and biro. Nobel prize winners are people like you and me! ^^


Longsleeved shirt: Primark, wrap cardigan: H&M, jeans: C&A

Nothing spectacular today, just plain old working attire... Though I hate t call people, I phoned a dentist today and the car rental company that still owed me my deposit. They were surprised "why I haven't come around topick up my money yet" and "if nobody told me that thy only send out money on request" - nice that noone told me, but they promised me the money as soon as possible...
The dentist visit will hopefully be cheap! I lost my retrainer in my lower jaw because I ate a delicious lollipop from a sweet manifactory in Bremen. It was totally worth it (eating the lollipop, I mean), but now I have two sticky ends in my mouth which hurt my tongue. So, the dentist it is...

Wednesday, March 17, 2010


Cardigan: Primark, blouse: self sewn, jeans: C&A

As a gnome avoidance measure I'm wearing my ireland blouse today. It has an all over print of shamrocks which can hardly be seen in my pic. As it is also a colleagues birthday, I will go to an mexican restaurant for the first time!


dress and shoes: H&M, tights: C&A, cardigan: Primark

See? More work appropriate! I have to say that my new colleagues are very friendly and unless you count my professor we are a girl squad. I enjoy working again and feeding my brain more substantual things than TV and most of the internet have to offer...

Today we brought our dishwasher into repair, hopefully it will be back next week and I can let go off this da***d handwashing! The repair guy seems to already know this problem which is both good (because he can easily repair it) and bad (because it seems fairly common - will it happen again to our machine?!) at the same time.

By the way, enigma eden was right: I was in Bremen, city of the famous stadtmusikanten! I enjoyed the glockenspiel (which tells the city's story), went into a candy shop which made fresh lemon drops for me and saw the body worlds exhibition which really impressed me. All while traveling with the BF and meeting one of my best friends. Best weekend since long time!

Monday, March 15, 2010

Guess where!

I was travelling and visiting a friend this weekend. Can you guess where I was?


And while I'm already on the interwebs, I add an outfit post for today! You will see me in more outfits suitable for the office in future. Work-appropriate attire... Hard for me, but we will see how it goes!

Blouse and longsleeved shirt: Primark, trousers: Zara, socks: knit by mum

I'm back!

Hey there,

I know I got missing in action, but after announcing that I got a new job (my first real job, which pays all my cost of living!) and with the move and the flat search I hab no time to blog. Now that things settled down a bit and the flat looks more like a home than a cave, I thought it would be fun t post some pics... The flat is not finished yet and in some corners there is still stuff standing around which has to be put into the cellar, but this will give you a general overview:

These are before pictures. You can already see parts of the kitchen which I bought the week before I moved. Because the kitchen itself is so small, the oven is in my room and all drinks are in the living room next to the table which we used to put up the wallpaper. The were no wallpapers at all but the floor has the most beautiful parquet floor!

Nest is the kitchen in it's finished glory. Or lets say almost finished, we will return the dishwasher tomorrow because it is broken and we get it fixed. But I painted one wall grass green, the counters are (fake) walnut and the kitchen itself is white. The flowers are wall tatoos, I still have to glue the foil I won in a blog on the fridge. It has a makro pic of grass that fits perfectly with the green wall and the flowers...

The bathroom - rather small but with a window and a bathtub. The shelf under the sink holds the towels, our other store is almost invisible on the pics: Three shelves are over head on the right. You can see a corner of one shelf in the picture on the left!

The living room with the dining area is calm and cosy. We put up shelves to display our books and put a reading place in front of it. This couch is also a retractable bed, in case we have guests. One of the drawers I refurnished is storage place in the living room, the other is in the hallway. Although the purple wall and the chandelier were my ideas, my boyfriend likes them almost as much as me. And you can see the view from our back windows: While I hated to move in the fourth floor, the view is amazing!

The last room I will show here is my room. My boyfriend doesn't want to appear in my blog and I respect his decision also not to show his room. Yes, we moved together but everyone has his own room, desk and bed, just in case that he wants to withdraw.
Back on topic; my room mainly consists of a bed, a huge desk in front of my window and my beautiful teal wall. I still have to paint the cherry blossoms but since I hardly have time to rest between organizing my life, working and household, this is still on the to-do-list. Once I finished them, I will post additional pics!