Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Burda fashion magazine - february

While waiting on the train together with my friend B. we had a short peak on the newest issue of the Burda magazine. And again I dont think that I will buy this issue because none of the patterns really wows me. Coming to the positive picks:Third place goes to the raglan long sleeved shirt. I like that cut and I think everyone should own a good fitting pattern for this, but I already own one. So no need to buy the magazine! Second place is again from the plus section for curvy girls. I like many of those patterns but they don't fit me, so I would have to make a lot of alternations to sew the garments. But I like caban style jackets, I even own one myself. So, I like that pattern. The best garment from this issue is the rockabilly dress with deep cutout back. A pattern I don't own yet and find very interesting. Go Burda!

But as always, not all is good. Here are the worst patterns in my opinion:

Okay, lets start with the basics: Burda, a western collection? Are you kidding me? No grown woman would wear a plaid shirt with a fringe vest in public. At least not while there is a mirror or some friends around! It isn't surprising that the two worst picks are from this collection: the fringe vest (no way I would wear that outside a bad taste party...) and the pants that even make the skinny model look fat around the hips. Another pattern I didn't like was the yellow dress from the business collection. It has a serious 80's vibe with broad shoulders and the lapel. Sorry, but I lived through the 80's and one decade of bad fashion really is more than enough!

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