Tuesday, January 26, 2010


Dress & tights: H&M, cardigan: emonite, boots: thrifted

Well honestly, neither my mum nor I own anything remotely coral coloured. So I tried to wing it and exchanged coral by this dusty pink. I can't buy anything because I'm on the shopping ban. I just do my very best and try to work my wardrobe the best I can.

By the way, you might have noticed that I wear some clothe more than once without washing them. This usually happens if the garment is an "outer layer", so if I wear something underneath it. Those first layer will be washed after wearing but if the outer garment is not stinky or stained, I don't see the neccessity to waste water. What do you think? Do you wash everything after wearing it once?

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wollmaus said...

I follow the same washing routine. Change inner layers daily, change outer layers if necessary. That especially applies to jeans, as I like them "worn in".

I wish you all the best for the renovation efforts, kick S.'s butt to help you out.

My cold has thorougly knocked me out, I spent all my strength on the interview on thursday, but I will contact you monday. It was worth it, though.

Love, Wollmaus