Wednesday, January 20, 2010


Flanel biker jacket: Dorothy Perkins, vest and shoes: H&M, longsleev: Rocker chic, skirt: thrifted, tights and scarf: C&A

I did a complete series of pics because I really like this outfit. Today's topic from the january inspiration calender was "stripes with a vest" and I used the same vest as yesterday. My only "formal" vest which is fitted. This outfit has everything a girl could want: rocker print on the shirt with christals, a skirt with a petticoat, stripey tights and pink shoes. I'm in love! ^^

Btw, I might not make tomorrows inspiration (dress with a chunky necklace) as I have a job interview and think that trousers look more sensible when applying for a lab position...

And because the shop already rearranged the showroom and I wanted my friend B. to know what I was talking about; the infamous a** chair!

I'm reallly into that style but will certainly not buy it for 600€ a piece. Anybody an idea where to get them cheaper? I can't even make up phrases for the search engine... Or should I try to replicate them myself? But how?!

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wollmaus said...

the chair is so strange and hideous, it's already on the cool side again.
Maybe you can replicate this with plaster or plaster bandages? Perhaps cutting it from Styrofoam might work, too.
Do you know the designer? You could try her/his name on the search engine. Perhaps they can tell you in the shop!