Wednesday, January 13, 2010


Hoodie: selfmade, scarf: C&A, skirt: Orsay, tights: H&M, boots: Undercover (thrifted)

Combining a hoodie and a skirt as suggested by Kimberley is also something that would not have crossed my mind normally. This challenge I imposed on myself to try to follow her suggestions for the whole month is really making my cross my borders!

My mum went to a cooking class centered around the ingredient "honey" yesterday and brought some leftovers for me. While the salad with avocado, mozzarella cheese, rucola, mango, roasted chashews and orange honey sauce was great, I instantly fell in love with honey-garlic butter. Thse of you who know me personally are already aware of my love for garlic and the combination of garlic and sweetness is very interesting when well done. One of my favourite pizza toppings is pineapple and garlic...

I try to squeeze the recipe out of her and will post it for those who are interested!


Neise||a said...

Die Kombi ist klasse! Und die steht dir wahnsinnig gut, unbedingt öfter tragen =)

Und biiite! Her mit dem Rezept! *Knofi, juhee"

MindLess said...

Danke! *rotwerd*

Meine Ma hat das Rezept noch in Beschlag, aber morgen bekomm ich es!

Neise||a said...

ausgezeichnet! *g*