Monday, December 21, 2009

What about Burda?

Well you all know that I'm from Germany and one of the most available sewing magazines here is Burda. In many cases I use patterns that you draw yourself (for example I use the ones on the german but sometimes I take the occassional Burda or Patrones patterns.

Me and Burda, we have some problems. Although the tops and jackets fit pretty well (I have to elongate long sleeves, but thats no fuss work), me lower extremities get the full part of the 6cm I'm larger than Burda model sizing. We also tend to disagree on sizes, so I usually sew what I would wear in a shop and not the huge sizes Burda would suggest.

But sometimes the Burda bug bites and if I fall in love with one of the patterns I will buy the magazine and sew it. So I plan to integrate a feature in this blog where I nominate the best (an worst) patterns in the current Burda. I guess from my comments you can already see which Burdas I will buy and which will just stay in the shops...

So here you can see the winners of the january edition: bronze goes the the coat which is almost not visible on the picture. I kind of like the sewing without selvedge, and the patterns itself seems pretty variable.
Silver goes to the dress on the left, it looks very airy and beautiful, but it is a plus size pattern which I will probably never sew because the amount of changes I have to do to get it to my size defeats the benefits of buying a pattern!
Gold goes to the suit pattern in the middle. I like professional looking clothes, I like the fabric they choose and this seems to be a pattern without much accessoirs so I can add details myself if I want to.
Now lets take a look at the (in my eyes) worst patterns of the bunch. I nominate both the oversized biker jacket and the bubble skirt for the ripper of disapprovement. The oversized jacket pattern has been included (just with normal sizing) in the last two editions. So what, lost your creativity Burda? And the skirt already looks fattening on the model, so how am I supposed the work it?

What do you think about the current issue of Burda? Anything you want to sew? Or will you just wait for the next edition to buy like me?

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