Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Best of 2009 - challenge

What challenged me most this year was my Masters thesis. Not the amount of work behind it, not the knowledge I got from research but - plain and simple- the patience I had to have and the frustration I had to endure.

Everything went wrong in this thesis:
  1. the foundation was wrong (another persons work turned out to be not reliable)
  2. my professor had no idea of the workload the experiment would result in
  3. my defense was deferred
Through the whole time I kept myself motivated. I worked on it though I lost my interest in the topic at hand and tried to get some depth into my introduction. Although my experiment didn't run well for 9 months at a time, I kept on.

And I finished it! Granted, I still wait for my marks. And I'm unemployed now, looking for an PhD position. But this new challenge of job search will hopefully not be as long and draining as fighting against windmills and my thesis.

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