Thursday, December 3, 2009

Best of 2009 - best article

I have to correct myself: the challenge I started to participate in yesterway was originated by Gwen Bell and not Simple Sam. Here is the original banner:

Today I'm supposed to tell you which article I still remeber at the end of the year, that seriously impressed me. I think it was fabulously broke's article about minimalism.

She was the first blogwirter I read for a longer period of time, sometimes I think she is the one person that kept me reading blogs and take my finances in my own hands. I adore the strength she has, that she still keeps up the minimalism although family and friends start to ask questions like "Where is your couch?" and "Why don't you decorate your room?". I tried to get rid of stuff as well, motivated by this article. I got rid of 3 big bags of clothing, part of my make up collection and swore to only buy new stuff if I put away some of my old things. And I feel better than ever before... Thanks, FB!

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