Friday, December 18, 2009


Cardigan: emoi by emonite, shirt: Primark, jeans: Dorothy Perkins, socks: knit by my mum (yeah, I have a bunge of them and wear them most of the time in winter)

I had to get up even earlier today as I found the busses to be late all the time... Seems like the world is even more cold and dark at 5.30 a.m.! But the course went well, I got some pretty cards from friends and I will see the BF today! One of the cards was in a sealed envelope:

My friend B. sent it to me to wish me a calm and happy new year and some luck with my job search! Thanks so much!!!

I also found another blog I love to read and that I added to my tremendous google reader list: petit main sauvage! It is written by a girl from the netherlands who sews most of the clothes she wears (and some of her boyfriend's stuff, too!). She also includes many tutorials in her posts. Some of them have already been bookmarked by me to be sewn in future!

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