Thursday, November 26, 2009

11/26/2009 - Go party like it's your birthday!

Jacket: New Yorker, pullover: Primark, longsleeved shirt: H&M, jeggins: C&A, boots: thrifted

Channeling the inner rocker chick today... I'm still in love with the biker jacket, so I wore it when I went outside. Had to do some bureaucracy today and needed to shop for some stuff for the birthday party on saturday.

The whole day was very birthday-y: I had a breakfast with cake and presents, friends and family called to congratulate me... I opened my first present 5 minutes after midnight, it was chocolate fondue from my friend I met yesterday! Yummi! Thanks so much!

Other than that I got knitted socks from my mum, some books and we are going out for dinner in half an hour... What a wonderful day!

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