Sunday, December 27, 2009


This will give you a small glimpse on the huge stack of presents I got this year! Btw I don't want to make anyone jelaous or show off, this is just to show my appreciation of the many kind people who thought of me and made me very happy! This year there was no present fail, just many present wins! ^^

These are handknit by my friend B. and I already wore them 3 times although I unwrapped them on christmas! They are comfy and beautiful... Thanks so much!

My dad repaired my broken external harddrive and even recovered most of the data I thought was gone! I got a recipy for Rumkugeln (a traditional german sweet) including some trial Kugeln, lovely christmas letters and lush stuff from BF's grandma. It was even more of a gift to see how welcome I'm in his family!

And this is how I will spend the rest of the night...


Dress: thrifted, blouse: H&M, tights: Ergee, shoes: Tamaris, hairband: secret santa present from last year

After my BF's family, now it was my extended family's take on christmas. As we had to whole bunch at my mum's house, we made lasagna and "Schwarzwälder Kirsch-Dessert" (chocolate biscuit cake with cream & cherries). It was pretty nice to meet everyone again, although the number of cats my one aunt and uncle have rises each year. This year it was 54 cats! I'm totally not kidding...


Corset: thrifted, skirt: selfmade, tights: Primark, shoes: Tamaris, boyfriend: best accessoire in the world!

Not what you would expect as an outfit for christmas, right? While I spent the day with my BF's family (both grandmas, one grandpa, aunt & uncle, mom, dad and brother), we decided to go to one last party this year. As new years eve will probably be calm and quiet, staying in with friends, I needed to sweat some of the christmas pounds off!


What I wore on christmas eve was not very exciting and while preparing the turkey for dinner I forgot to take pictures before eating until I almost exploded. But I took a pic to show I was still able to see past my belly...

Friday, December 25, 2009

Best of 2009 - Gift

Best of 2009 -
Gift. What's a gift you gave yourself this year that has kept on giving?

I spent some money (a lot for me, but not that much for anybody who has a regular job) on furniture and decoration for my future home. Although I try not to accumulate too much stuff, I needed a couch and some light fixtures for my future living room. While researching I found a black candelabra, which was way to expensive. But I found one a little later for half the prize and bought it in an instant. I know this will fill my with glee everytime I look at it once I can put it up.

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Best of 2009 - learning experience

Best of 2009 -
Learning experience. What was a lesson you learned this year that changed you?

I learned to not trust anyone who does work you rely on. I will look up everything I will need for further studies. I will control everything that is controlable.

Merry christmas to all my readers!

Only german this time, sorry! Memo: Lesen!

Hier mal eine kleine Fragerunde über Bücher und lesen. Ich hab es bei der Honigbärenbiene gefunden und musste mitmachen:

Gebunden oder Taschenbuch?
Ich mag beides und mir ist auch egal, ob der Buchrücken Knicke hat oder nicht. Bücher werden gelesen und nicht nur ins Regal gestellt!

Amazon oder Buchhandel?
Ich stöbere lieber im Buchladen (auch gerne in der Restekiste, anders ist meinem Lesetempo mit meinem Geld nicht beizukommen), wenn ich aber genau weiß was ich will, nutze ich auch Amazon!

Lesezeichen oder Eselsohr?
Ich merke mir die Seitenzahl ziemlich zuverlässig. Sonst kann es auch mal sein, dass ich mein Buch offen hinlege und Knicke reinmache (nicht schlagen, B.! ^^). Das würde ich aber nie bei geliehenen Büchern machen, nur bei meinen!

Ordnen nach Autor, Titel oder ungeordnet?
Absolut ungeordnet! Manchmal liegen Serien zusammen, aber eigentlich kommt alles nach und nach ins Regal, bis es voll ist. Also eher Kaufreihenfolge als sonst ein System!

Behalten, wegwerfen oder verkaufen?
Bücher wirft man nicht weg! Entweder ich verteile sie in meiner Familie, verschenke sie weiter (nicht zum Geburtstag, aber wenn es jemandem gefällt kann er sich es meist mitnehmen) oder sie bleiben im Regal.

Kurzgeschichte oder Roman?

Harry Potter oder Lemony Snicket?
Ich habe beide gelesen und fand beide gut. Lemony Snicket war fieser, Harry Potter phantastischer...

Kaufen oder gebraucht?
Egal. Ich will die Bücher ja nur lesen, nicht sammeln (falls es noch niemanden aufgefallen ist nach der "ich knicke Bücher"-Aussage). Lieblingsbücher werden gekauft. Aber sonst reicht mir auch Leihfutter!

Bestsellerliste, Rezension, Empfehlung oder Stöbern?
Stöbern! Oder Empfehlungen von Freunden.

Geschlossenes Ende oder Cliffhanger?
Ich mag Enden. Ich hasse offene Fragen am Ende vom Serien. Innerhalb einer Serie können gerne Cliffhanger sein, aber am Ende weiß ich gerne woran ich bin.

Morgens, mittags oder nachts lesen?
Immer? Wann es geht? Im Bus oder Auti wird mir schlecht vom lesen, aber sonst lese ich morgens, mittags, abends, beim kochen, beim einschlafen, auch auf dem Klo...

Im Moment in der Tasche?
Im Moment lese ich die Bartimäus-Reihe und bin gerade beim 2. Buch. Ich muss bis 2. Weihnachtsfeiertag durch sein, dann will meine Tante sie lesen. Das schaff ich! ^^

Lieblingsbuch des vergangenen Jahres?
"Spares" von Michael Marshall Smith.

Absolutes Lieblingsbuch aller Zeiten?
Siehe vorherige Frage. Ich liebe es! Es hat alles: SciFi, Action, Krimi, ethische Fragen... Ich lese gerne, ich lese viel. Aber ich komme immer gerne zu diesem Buch zurück!

Wer mag, der nehme die Fragen einfach hier mit :-)

Wednesday, December 23, 2009


Dress: H&M, shirt and peacock hairband: Primark, tights: Ergee, boots: thrifted, watch: inherited from my grandma

Yesterday BF and I were pretty spontaneous and decided to see Avatar in a 3D cinema. Though I liked the special effects and creative creature (but what biologist wouldn't like selfilluminated plants and flying dragons?), I was dissappointed by the story. I thought that finally someone would teach average Joe the plumber that violence is not the only solution to end a war about resources. But in the end the war was settled by even more stupid violence... Well, at least the violence looked good!

Today my BF and my mum had to do some last minute shopping and I accompanied them. Both bought more stuff for themselves than presents... But any minute I will watch Dead Snow with BF in front of an cosy fire...
Jacket: Dorothy Perkins, cardigan: Colours of the world

To keep myself warm outside, I put on a jacket and my dirty little self-sewn secret: a midnight blue satin slip. The slipdress from the same fabric will maybe presented if I have an attack of no self consciousness...

Best of 2009 - Web tool

Best of 2009 -
Web tool. It came into your work flow this year and now you couldn't live without it. It has simplified or improved your online experience.

Two words: Google reader! Before I knew this incredible tool, I spent a lot of time during the day to click through websites only to be disappointed when nobody posted anything on his blog. Now I look up the reader twice a day and get all the interesting stuff delivered right to my pc. I'm in love!

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Best of 2009 - startup

Best of 2009 -
Startup. What's a business that you found this year that you love? Who thought it up? What makes it special?

This year I got into the do-it-yourself-scene. I tried to buy mostly thrifted or handmade clothes and jewelery which was made in Germany. I also started the foundation work for my own little business that will hopefully get running in the beginning of 2010.


Cardigan: emonite, shirt: Primark, jeggins: C&A, socks: another pair by my mum, clogs: Birkenstock

I'm feeling a little sickish today and I don't plan to go out much, so I just slipped on some comfy stuff and will hide my nose in a book. Everything else is finished:
  • I bought the food for christmas (as my mum works on christmas, my brother and I cook dinner)
  • I have the presents at hand and mostly wrapped (except one for my brother)
  • the tree is set up
  • my boyfriend is here
So, nothing left to do but relax. Sounds like a good day!

Monday, December 21, 2009

Best of 2009 - project

Best of 2009 -
Project. What did you start this year that you're proud of?

The set of drawers I redid and already posted on this blog. It was new to me to do this kind of techinical (or is manual the right phrase?) work. Usually my projects contain a lot of sewing, painting pictures or glueing, but painting furniture was a first. And I'm quite happy with the outcome so - definetly the best project this year!

Sew along - Natron und Soda style

As soon as I finished the project with the drawers I'm already jumping into the next. The gothic sewing forum I'm in holds a sew along. The rules are pretty simple:
  1. 6 month to finish everything
  2. item must include at least one print (can be the lining)
  3. one top, one bottom and one part of outerwear have to be included
  4. at least 4 pieces
On top of this post you can see my moodboard, I will take pictures of my progress and post them here in my blog. Sorry that the legend is in german, but if anybody has questions, just ask!


Pullover: modified from C&A, skirt: selfmade, tights and hairband with flower: H&M, socks: made by mum

On the back of my pullover you can see a rat which plays with a watch and cogwheels. I painted the pullover about a year ago. I'm usually not to much into prints, I prefer uni colours and plain fabrics. But I fell inlove with the motive, so I just started painting... It holds up pretty good against washing, I'm rather surprised that it's still on there!

And (to show my friend B. how beautiful the snow is aorund my place) some more winter wonderland pics:

What about Burda?

Well you all know that I'm from Germany and one of the most available sewing magazines here is Burda. In many cases I use patterns that you draw yourself (for example I use the ones on the german but sometimes I take the occassional Burda or Patrones patterns.

Me and Burda, we have some problems. Although the tops and jackets fit pretty well (I have to elongate long sleeves, but thats no fuss work), me lower extremities get the full part of the 6cm I'm larger than Burda model sizing. We also tend to disagree on sizes, so I usually sew what I would wear in a shop and not the huge sizes Burda would suggest.

But sometimes the Burda bug bites and if I fall in love with one of the patterns I will buy the magazine and sew it. So I plan to integrate a feature in this blog where I nominate the best (an worst) patterns in the current Burda. I guess from my comments you can already see which Burdas I will buy and which will just stay in the shops...

So here you can see the winners of the january edition: bronze goes the the coat which is almost not visible on the picture. I kind of like the sewing without selvedge, and the patterns itself seems pretty variable.
Silver goes to the dress on the left, it looks very airy and beautiful, but it is a plus size pattern which I will probably never sew because the amount of changes I have to do to get it to my size defeats the benefits of buying a pattern!
Gold goes to the suit pattern in the middle. I like professional looking clothes, I like the fabric they choose and this seems to be a pattern without much accessoirs so I can add details myself if I want to.
Now lets take a look at the (in my eyes) worst patterns of the bunch. I nominate both the oversized biker jacket and the bubble skirt for the ripper of disapprovement. The oversized jacket pattern has been included (just with normal sizing) in the last two editions. So what, lost your creativity Burda? And the skirt already looks fattening on the model, so how am I supposed the work it?

What do you think about the current issue of Burda? Anything you want to sew? Or will you just wait for the next edition to buy like me?

Sunday, December 20, 2009


Shirt: Kid Pirate, pullover H&M, skirt: thrifted, tigths: H&M, boots: thrifted

I tried to show the beautiful ornaments on the skirt, so excuse the stupid pose. Thanks to my boyfriend for taking the pictures! ; *

Today was a family get together where we exchanged some of the presents for the family. So now I can show some pics of what I prepared:

I bagged all my cookies and sweets in plain white paperbags and fixed the recipies I used for the content at the bow.

Each family got a bright red bag with white dots containing the white paper bags. I added a tag cut from stripey paper in red and white. I had a red-and-white-theme in mind, that's why I even coloured some of the cookies in red and white icing...

Best of 2009 - new person

Best of 2009 -
New person. She came into your life and turned it upside down. He went out of his way to provide incredible customer service. Who is your unsung hero of 2009?

My unsung heroes are all the people being nice to me without even knowing me. The guy at the train station who offered me a coffee while I was freezing. The secretary who called me a lot of times to make sure that I got the appointment date right. The copy shop guy who spent half an hour improving my prints for the buttons. And many more...

I try to give back everything I get because I'm a strong believer in karma. And as I recieved so much love and help this year, I think I was passing at least a little bit on!


Pullover: Only, scarf: thrifted, jeggins: C&A, socks: made by mum

I was trying to get warm and toasty for a medieval christmas market today while it's -12°C outside. It was beautiful, very interesting and f#*@ing cold! But it was so worth it because I saw some good old friends there who I didn't see for a very long time!

By the way, this is the outcome of the hairdo I had yesterday:

Curly hair! I normaly have wavy hair but I can style it straight or curly if I want to. I love my hair, it seldom misbehaves and withstands colouring, teasing and lots of hairspray without spliss.

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Best of 2009 - car ride

Best of 2009 -
Car ride. What did you see? How did it smell? Did you eat anything as you drove there? Who were you with?

The best car trip was with my boyfriend. I travelled several times with him for an extended period of time. And I love it! We always find things to talk about it, we listen to the same music, we discuss matters of interest and current topics... Honestly, he is the best traveling partner ever!

Friday, December 18, 2009

Pledge to not shop and recycle

I just agreed to spent the next two months without buying new stuff. I will recycle, reuse and thrift every item I will need as I signed the "pledge of reuse" by wardrobe refashion. This of course excludes food and drinks, but I include not only clothes but also bags, juwelry and books/ art supplies.

The pledge will start in january and I will finish it on february 28th. There are other options but I might need some working wardrobe if I start a job so I choose the shortest option!

Best of 2009 - shop

Best of 2009 - Shop.
Online or offline, where did you spend most of your mad money this year?

Most of my money went into clothes (sadly, but only if you exclude rent and food...). And a huge part of that bucks were paid for thrifted clothing on fleamarkets, boot sales or used clothes from a forum I'm in. So, I got alot of bang for my bucks!


Cardigan: emoi by emonite, shirt: Primark, jeans: Dorothy Perkins, socks: knit by my mum (yeah, I have a bunge of them and wear them most of the time in winter)

I had to get up even earlier today as I found the busses to be late all the time... Seems like the world is even more cold and dark at 5.30 a.m.! But the course went well, I got some pretty cards from friends and I will see the BF today! One of the cards was in a sealed envelope:

My friend B. sent it to me to wish me a calm and happy new year and some luck with my job search! Thanks so much!!!

I also found another blog I love to read and that I added to my tremendous google reader list: petit main sauvage! It is written by a girl from the netherlands who sews most of the clothes she wears (and some of her boyfriend's stuff, too!). She also includes many tutorials in her posts. Some of them have already been bookmarked by me to be sewn in future!

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Pull it out! - finished drawer

Do you remember the knobs from Ikea my mum brought for me from her shopping trip?

Seconds ago I completed the refurnished drawers by screwing in the new knobs. I love the look of it! Please mind the chaotic surroundings, I had to bring the drawers into the cellar because my mum was offended by them standing on our pation and blocking her view on the garden... But here we go:

And while you admire the drawers (I think I hear some "Uh"s and "Ah"s! ;) ), I present to you the second set (with an even worse picture), which I also refurnished with the same materials. It's not only drawers at the upper part but includes a shoe cabinet!

Honestly, it looks better in real life! But the cellar is crammed with my stuff (my furniture had to go somewhere until I move again) and the light is dim. I had to squeeze myself between two drawers and a table to get this pic...


Pullover: H&M, scarf: thrifted, dress: Lady Language, jeans: Dorothy Perkins

Second day of course (well, at least for me. Usually it would be the third day...) and it is already getting annoying. I mean, I like the work and my students are very nice and mostly interested. But I get to tell the same stuff over and over again. And then some... They all ask the same questions. And they ask the same questions several times. But at least nobody is offensive this year, last year there were some rather strange personalities in one of the groups I supervised...

And did you notice? In the background of my picture? S-N-O-W!!! Yay! Yesterday evening my boyfriend called and asked me if I wished for snow again. Last time I wished snow was for my birhtday in 2006. And shortly after my wish we had 30cm snow, public transportation borke down and a town with friends of mine was out of power for 3 days... That's why I'm very careful with snowy wishes now and I'm certainly not responsible for the snow this time. But I'm soooo happy about it!

Best of 2009 - word or phrase

December 17 Word or phrase. A word that encapsulates your year. "2009 was _____."

2009 was exhausting.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009


Black pullover and turquoise longsleeve: H&M, jeans: Dorothy Perkins, socks: knit by my mum, scarf: thrifted, belt: "borrowed" from my mum

Wearing comfortable and warm clothes as it is below 0°C today and I had to attend a course. Getting up at 6 am is not my favourite pass time. But the students were fast and interested, so the course was enjoyable.

On monday night I set up our christmas tree! I inherited the plastic christmas tree from my grandma and every year I put it up and decorate it. My mum says she is not interested in the tree, but three years ago she started to suggest colours I could use --> she surrendered! This year the ornaments and decorations are black and gold/orange.

And here is the tree at night, with pretty lights on. Sorry for the blur, but my cam is more the outdoorsy and bright light type...

best of 2009 - best packaging and tea of the year

best packaging

Well, I think that my Wichtelpresent (white elefant in one of the forums I'm reading and socialising in) had the best packaging. Not only were the singular packages packed in a bag (I won't count the surrounding box, which was just there to prevent damage from shipping) with santa clause, a reindeer and a snowman on, but they were protected by halloween napkins. And she included a nice card and halloween sweets. I was soooo happy!

tea of the year

My favourite tea at the moment is cherry-rosebud. It's a pretty cheap tea, but it tastes sweet without additional sugar and is kind of an allrounder. Fits my needs and is yummy!


Black blouse: Primark, cardigan: H&M, pants: Zara, socks: skull argyle socks from last week

It's me, looking tired! I took the picture at 11 pm, after I got up at 6 am to get to my gazillionst job interview. What I thought to be one interview turned to two when another professor (or rather his assistant) showed a lot of interest in me. I will get to know their decision on monday so keep your fingers crossed that I will be employed by next year!

On the way back from the job interview I stopped to congratulate BF's grandma who celebrated her birthday with the family. She seemed pretty happy to see me, so it was worth coming home so late. Now I have to supervise the animals physiology course where students are disecting animals, so I have to get up very early every day. This week is Cnidaria week, so we analysed Hydra.

By the way, my mum brought me the doorknobs for the dresser I redid. This is what I got:

Now I only have to install them and the dresser is finally finished! Yay!

Monday, December 14, 2009

Best of 2009 - rush

I guess with "rush" a moment is meant, where I felt on top of the world and maybe a bit higher. Surprisingly turning in my Masters thesis was not quite the rush I felt when handing in my Bachelors thesis. After the defense I got pretty drunk (on finest 20 year old scottish whiskey none the less ^^)
and felt good, but the real rush never came...

But - coming back to the topic - I think arriving in Berlin and seeing the Brandenburg gate was very impressive. The whole 3 days ran through my fingers like sand... SO I think that those days traveling through Berlin were the best rush of 2009. Oh how I would like to go back... *sigh*

The truffle pig! Or what I made for my family's christmas presents


Pullover: H&M, scarf: thrifted, belt: my mum's, jeans: Primark, socks: made by my mum

I had the first part of supervising the animal preparation course today, but we only did some preparation ourselves and had no students to supervise... I am very grateful that I work somewhere were I can wear whatever I want. No regulations except "not naked"...

Sunday, December 13, 2009


All the stuff I wore over the weekend combined!

What I wore today was just intended to keep me warm during a CT with people from the Natron & Soda community on the Essener christmas market. It was 0°C outside and pretty windy, so I grapped as many layers as I could and wore one over the other...

The CT was great but pretty short as me and many other people had to leave soon (I had to catch a train to get the last bus home. Oh the joys of public transportation if you don't own a car! *sarcasm voice off*). But I got the meet some new faces and reconnect to old friends, which was the most important part anyway!

Best of 2009 - new food and changed home

Today I will kill to flies in one sitting by answering two topics at once! ^^

Best of 2009 - new food

This year I didn't try much new food as I also didn't travel a lot. But I got more accostumed to eating out than ever before. Usually I was shy of going out because I normally think that I can cook most of the food at home just as well. Exceptions were cheap eating out places like McD or Pizza Hut. But since I go out with boyfriend I spend more money on eating than ever. Not that I regret that but I'm more than happy to try new stuff!

So, while I didn't try new food in a sence of lebanese or southwest-african food, I tried a lot of new places which are cooking european food. Medieval places, french cuisine, european standard cooking... I tried different tastes and like all of them! One of the places I still have in mind was a small portugese restaurant were I ate amazing monkfish. It was months ago but thinking of it my mouth still waters...

Best of 2009 - change you made to the place you live

I moved to my parents not very long ago and plan to move as soon as I find a job which allows me to support myself. So while I made some improvements to my stuff, I did neither improve home nor my own place. You can read in my blog that I prettified drawers and reupholstered my office chair. I also bought some new stuff but all my pretty things are still waiting for me in the cellar while I live in my former nursery. Well, at least I can save some money by not paying rent right now! *sigh*